Bump To Baby Photographer

Meet the Photographer .......

Hey there!

Welcome to my colorful happiest space! Photography is a kind of meditation to me!

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..

My journey from an Engineer to a photographer is not less than an exciting tale to scribble about. I can write a whole book to tell my own funny stories that lead me to this tiny happy place. I strongly believe that every living being is blessed with something special and with that special they can reach milestones. You just need to figure out what makes you different from others? For me, this is it! I can truly live my every single moment by capturing moments. My chosen style is to shoot in colorful narrative story telling form, where you can look back on your life as it happened and see the beauty in even the smallest moments.I build relationships and truly believe each session is an opportunity to connect with amazing people and give them the gift of lasting memories

I can’t wait to help you document your life & every adventure you wish to seek.

Cheers! Jasmeet :)

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